About Portland Penny Diner

Named after the coin that Frances Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy used to decide Portland’s name in 1845, Portland Penny Diner investigates the collision of Pacific Northwest immigrant food cultures and the Native American’s pure approach to food. The “diner” concept was the original food cart of the late 1800’s, dubbed “the lunch wagon.” Portland Penny Diner is the rightful child of that bygone era, wed with Portland’s free spirit that brings people in out of the rain.

“Portland is known for our food carts, which evolved from the lunch wagons into the diner,” said Chef Vitaly Paley. “I wanted to bring a new type of diner to our city and Portland Penny Diner will recapture its warmth and comfort while updating and elevating the food and drink. Portland Penny Diner’s food is inspired in part by what I ate in diners and greasy spoons while I struggled as a young musician in New York City. Take that and combine it with the bounty of the Pacific Northwest with an updated twist and you have Portland Penny Diner.”

Portland Penny Diner is a counter service diner featuring relaxed seating and grab and go options. The day begins with breakfast, where fresh made morning pastries will include Reuben Croissants, Today’s Quickbreads (banana, apple) and Toaster Tarts. Portland Penny Diner features a new generation of breakfast sandwiches that can be enjoyed at a table or wrapped and ready to go.