Wine Director

Josh Wisenfeld

Wine Director

Josh Wiesenfeld knew he was passionate about wine from his first sip. Learning about the industry from the bottom up, he quickly realized that humility is one of the most important traits to have in the wine industry.

Wiesenfeld was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended the University of Iowa. After graduation, he began his career in the food industry by becoming the regional marketing manager for a soup and sandwich chain in the Midwest. When he relocated to Portland, he quickly began working for Elephant’s Deli – a premiere specialty foods retailer. Wiesenfeld began learning about wine from their massive selection, approaching it with such a passion and incredible palate that he was promoted to Wine Coordinator.

Wiesenfeld believes in objectivity when selecting wines, he incorporates his favorites (usually European), but is careful to include wine for every palate when working on a wine list. Personal favorite wines include European champagnes, cavas, cremants and roses. Wanting to expand his knowledge, he completed his Wine Fundamentals Levels 1 and 2 through the International Sommelier Guild.

From Elephant’s Deli, Wiesenfeld moved to the Wine Director position at renowned, James Beard Award-winning restaurant, Paley’s Place. His goal is to create a wine experience that complements the local Pacific Northwest inspired cuisine.